Overview of the Slot Game “Emerald Infinity Reels”

Following a banner 2020, Relax Gaming has kicked off 2021 with two slots based on third-party licensed gaming engines. Emerald Infinity Reels uses ReelPlay’s signature mechanism, following in the footsteps of BTG’s Megaclusters’ Kluster Krystals. It was had to happen at some point, what with the proliferation of both Infinity Reels and Irish-themed slot machines. Not many gamblers would have bet on Relax Gaming being the one to pull it off.

We all know that Relax Gaming can come up with very fresh concepts set in visually appealing locales. Emerald Infinity Reels demonstrates that they are equally at home in more general environments. Here, the action occurs on a smaller, 3×4-square Infinity Reels-driven game board than we’re used to seeing. First of all, adding more reels doesn’t cause the screen to move to the right; it stays still. The truth is that there aren’t any new reels in Emerald Infinity Reels. However, when successes occur, it does something that has to do with infinite. The remainder of Emerald Infinity Reels, from the luminous green Irish forests to the soothing Celtic soundtrack, is relatively conventional, with the exception of one change.

Statistics like a theoretical return of 96.60 percent and medium to high volatility support a credible storyline. A startlingly high amount of dead spins is to be expected while taking on Emerald Infinity Reels. Sure, all it takes is one spark to set off a long winning streak, but in the meanwhile, you could have to endure a lot of boredom. It may be frustrating, especially when you factor in long stretches of inactivity and the way victories build up. Maybe that’s why the music in Relax was so mellow—to help calm people down. On every device, you may place a wager between 10 pence and £/€100 each spin.

With a betting range of 10 pence to 100 pounds or euros every spin, players may enjoy the game without worrying about hitting a winning combination of symbols. The game’s paytable only features six symbols: three colored jewels that pay out between 0.4 and 0.6 times the wager, and three higher value icons that include a pipe, a cup, and a leprechaun. You can win 1, 1.5, or 3 times your wager for each premium symbol you collect. Finally, keep in mind that there is now no opportunity to use a wild symbol.

Slot Functions, Emerald Infinity Reels

In Emerald Infinity Reels, you’ll need to line up the same symbols across all three reels to win. If this occurs, a Lucky Respin is given. After reel 1’s wins have been recorded, the grid will shift to the left by one reel before respinning reel 3. In the event that a winning symbol appears during the respin, the procedure will continue until no further winning symbols occur. Bonus symbols and multiplier symbols (x2) will keep the process going. When added to the meter, x2 multiplier symbols twice the current symbol count. In the regular gameplay, all gathered symbols are discarded at the conclusion of a spin sequence.

If you get three bonus symbols in a row, you’ll get 12 free games, and for every additional scatter you get, you’ll get two more. During free games, symbols that have been gathered are kept in a pool rather than being reset between rounds. The total number of symbols accumulated during free spins is multiplied by two if an x2 multiplier symbol appears. Adding a few multiplier x2 symbols here will significantly boost your payoff. Finally, the respin sequence may be retriggered by collecting three or more bonus symbols.

The Final Say on Emerald Infinity Reels

Emerald Infinity Reels is both fresh and familiar, which is unusual for a game of its type. It will be fascinating to watch how purists of Infinity Reels react to the modification, as there is an element of surprise when winnings occur and no additional reels are introduced or scrolling happens. From an objective vantage point, Relax’s actions are neither better nor worse than previous use of this approach. It’s an optional accessory that can steer the motor in a little different course.

It will take some time to adjust to the collection process. It may seem at first that you are missing out on larger combinations since symbols that have not been gathered do not contribute to the total. Once you’ve had some success and can see how it all fits together, you’ll understand why this is the case. Especially considering that all bonus symbols follow the identical protocol. Even if there are three bonus symbols in view, you will not trigger any free games until all of them have been shifted out of the way and collected. Once you’re acclimated to it, though, it adds a video game-like element that can be incredibly rewarding when your collection of symbols finally pays off. Because the gathered symbols are permanently added to the meter, free spins benefit greatly from them as well. If you hit a few multipliers of x2, the total might soon balloon.

Final verdict: Emerald Infinity Reels does take the technique in a somewhat different path, therefore bonus points for originality go to Relax. A more unique focus for the development team’s ideas would have helped the game stand out more. Even still, given the UK’s love affair with the Irish theme, it was only a matter of time until someone adapted Infinity Reels into an Irish spectacular. Relax was the first to market, but only by a hair’s breadth.






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